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The Story

Peace was restored to earth after Kamen Rider Black defeated Gorgom. With nobody else by his side, Minami Kotaro was taken in by the Sahara family. He was given a job as a helicopter pilot for the Sahara Industry. Kotaro also had a girlfriend named Reiko Shiratori, a photo journalist.

It was about less than a year after the defeat of Gorgom before a new evil group started attacking the earth. This time, it was the Crisis Empire. They knew that there was an obstacle in their quest to invade planet Earth, and that obstacle came in the form of Kamen Rider Black.

During their first encounter, Crisis outsmarted Kotaro by having their Skull Devils to restrict his movements, making him unable to transform into Kamen Rider Black. Kotaro was captured and was brought to Crisis' spaceship. He was given two choices: either he joined forces with them or die! Kotaro refused to join forces with Crisis. As a result, he was thrown into outer space. Crisis attacked Kotaro by shooting beams at him and one of them managed to go through his body, splitting his Kingstone into two.

As soon as Kotaro was left motionless, the sun started to rise and the split Kingstone reacted to the light.
Kotaro fell back to the earth and caused a huge explosion. Despite the explosion, Kotaro was still alive. He was automatically transformed into another cyborg. Due to the split of the Kingstone, Kamen Rider Black had changed his form and Kotaro officially declared himself as Kamen Rider Black RX. As Black RX, his mission was to stop Crisis Empire and to save the earth.

Henshin Sequence

Minami Kotaro had a brand new henshin sequence to transform into Kamen Rider Black RX.
His transformation word was still "Henshin."

RX's Abilities

Communicating with the Kingstone

Due to the split of the Kingstone, somehow Kotaro had the ability to communicate with it. In episode 2, an energy ball of light which represented the Kingstone explained to Kotaro what had happened after he was being thrown into outerspace. The same energy light came out of Kotaro's body once again to explain to him when he obtained his Roborider form.

Absorbing the sun's rays

In episode 6, Kotaro was outnumbered and got pinned down by the Kyuru Kyuru Ten. During that moment, the sun shone on him and caused an explosion, transforming Kotaro into RX at the same time.

In episode 42 (picture on the left), monster Gedoll Ridoll had absorbed all of RX's powers, thus making Kotaro unable to transform. Kotaro made use of the fine weather and received some rays from the sun to transform into RX.


Instead of a Rider Kick, RX used a lightsaber to finish off his opponents. He had a lightsaber called Revolcane, which could be summon from his belt and he would thrust it into monsters before they finally exploded.

RX Jump

A name given for an extra powerful jump. RX only shouted it out in episode 42 and in his movie, Sekai ni Kakeru.

RX Kick

Although its no longer a killer move, RX still had a Rider Kick, which was renamed RX Kick. The RX Kick was a double-foot kick.

Kingstone Flash

In episode 40, an old technique was used. RX used his Kingstone Flash to reveal a couple of Crisis henchmen. Unfortunately, it was not used as much as in Kamen Rider Black. It was only executed in episodes 40 and 42.

Macro Eye

RX used his Macro Eye ability to find out his opponents' weaknesses.
Also used to see hidden objects or people behind any obstacles.

Double Kick

Seen in episode 27 of Kamen Rider Decade's series.
RX and Black (Diend's summon) executed a move called the "Double Kick" onto a returning villain, Apollo Geist.

Solar Powered

Whenever Kamen Rider Black RX was about to lose or severely hurt, he could absorb the sun's rays and convert it into his own energy. He would glow in yellow colour and all the damages on his body would be gone.



Since Kotaro had evolved into a more powerful version, his mechanical partner was also given a new look. Trusty Battle Hopper was destroyed by Shadow Moon in Kamen Rider Black's finale. When Kotaro evolved into RX, a strong beam of light shot out from his stomach and hit the broken motorcycle. Moments later, Battle Hopper evolved into a new version and came back to life.

Acrobatter's Abilities


Acrobatter had the ability to talk and communicate with Kotaro.
This motorcycle spoke in perfect Japanese language.

Detect invisible monsters

Acrobatter was able to detect invisible monsters. In episode 13, Acrobatter warned RX that an unseen monster was about to attack him from behind.


RX was the only Kamen Rider in history to drive a car.
The car of light, Ridron, was introduced in episode 4.

An episode before its first appearance, Kotaro received a floppy disk from one of the inhabitants of Crisis' Demon World. The floppy disk contained a blueprint of Ridron and he hoped that Kotaro would make use of it to defeat Crisis. Kotaro built Ridron with the help of Acrobatter in his garage. However, after everything seemed completed, the car just would not start. Crisis sent out a robot named Gun Gadin to destroy Ridron. Realising that Crisis knew of his garage's location, Kotaro moved Ridron to another place.

It turned out that Kotaro hid Ridron in the cave on the seabed where he was brought back to life by Gorgom's Whale monster. Kotaro hoped that by temporarily keeping Ridron there, it would give the car a life. Miracally, later when it was left alone, rocks attracted themselves to the car, giving it life and when RX finally called for it, Ridron sped out.

Ridron's Abilities


Just like Acrobatter, Ridron also had the ability to talk and communicate.


Ridron was equipped with a pair of retractable claws.
They were used to ram monsters, break through obstacles and burrow underground.


As seen in episode 9, Ridron had a small screen installed inside to give RX visual assistance in locating some places.

Travelling at the speed of light

Ridron had the ability to traverse dimensional barriers, as seen when it came to Kotaro's rescue when he was stuck in Crisis' World in episode 14. When on land, Ridron could travel at the speed of light, leaving a trail of red luminous light.

Travel in water

Ridron could travel in the water, with a light switched on at its front, as seen when it sped out of the cave on the seabed.

RX's Multiple Forms

Kamen Rider Black RX was the first ever Rider to have multiple forms.
Due to the split in the Kingstone, RX had the ability to transform into 2 other different forms.

The Prince Of Sorrow/Flames,
RX, Roborider

In episode 15, we witnessed the birth of Roborider.

It all started when the Crisis Empire captured Kotaro's little stepsister, Hitomi.Kotaro was led to a trap and had to fight a Crisis Robot named Death Garon. It looked as if the robot had actually killed Hitomi. RX was in a state of sadness over the death of Hitomi that a new version evolved out of him. In the end, it turned out that the Hitomi who was killed was actually a fake.

Kotaro would have to transform into RX before transforming into Roborider. As Roborider, the insignia on his chest changed and the Kingstone got a new look which were gears.

Roborider was physically stronger than RX. He had a strong metallic body and could withstand close-range explosion, powerful hits and shots from his enemies. However, his speed was quite slow during combat.

Roborider's Abilities

Vortech Shooter

When RX transformed into Roborider, he possessed a new weapon: a handy & destructive gun called the Vortech Shooter. Sometimes it could destroy a monster with just one shot. Otherwise, he'll transform back to RX and use the Revolcane.

Robo Punch

In episode 30, we would get to see the only time when Roborider executed an extra powerful Rider/Robo Punch. As the Prince Of Flames, he got energy from the fire around him and his right hand gave out a strong force of light before punching a Crisis monster.

Robo Kick

In the movie, Sekai ni Kakeru, Roborider executed his own Rider/Robo Kick. He did not execute it in the TV series.


When RX transformed into Roborider, Acrobatter would transform into a new-looking bike called Roboizer. Its equipped with built-in weapons and could shoot enemies from its back. Roboizer was only used once and that was in its first appearance. Its name was also never mentioned in the entire series.

The Prince Of Anger,
RX, Biorider

In episode 17, RX evolved into another new version.
This time, its Biorider.

RX was trapped in a dungeon that had spikes on its walls. He tried to escape in Roborider form but failed. Just as the walls were closing in on him, a few drops of water hit RX and somekind of energy began to appear. With one loud shout, the energy reacted with him and his state of wrath that Biorider was born.

Kotaro had to transform into RX before transforming into Biorider most of the time. As Biorider, the insignia on his chest changed again and the Kingstone got another new look which was a full circular stone.

Biorider's Abilities

Bio Blade

Just like RX and Roborider, Biorider had his own unique weapon. Biorider had a sword called the Bio Blade. It could reflect any form of energy back at the enemies. Unlike the Revolcane which required RX to thrust it into his enemies, Biorider just slashed his enemies using the Bio Blade.

Changing his size

Biorider could change his size. In episode 45, Biorider managed to shrink himself and get inside Granzairus, a tough monster which was hard to defeat by the previous Kamen Riders. When Biorider was already inside the monster, he destroyed the systems and Granzairus blew up eventually. When it was destroyed, Biorider escaped using the next ability.

Changing into liquid energy

Biorider could change his physical form and turned into liquid energy. Its the most common ability in the show. With this, he could easily escape from any danger. He could also perform the 'Bio Attack' as seen in episode 22 where he would beat up his opponent in his liquid form. Another advantage when in this form was that he could silently pass through any surfaces such as walls without having to destroy them.

Elastic Organs

In episode 35, Crisis was so close in trying to kill RX. They managed to place a Kaiman Senshi inside RX to kill him from within. They also thought that they had managed to kill him. But unknown to them, when the monster was attacking his heart, RX had transformed into Biorider. What happened was that his internal organs had turned elastic or totally jello-like. With that, the attacks had no effect at all.

Merging with another person

Biorider could merge with another individual. In episode 36, Biorider merged with an athelete to help him fight a Crisis Kaiman Senshi in a disguise. As a result, the athelete could give a very strong punch, equivalent to that of an RX Punch.

Producing an anti-toxin

In episode 18, Crisis was poisoning people. Kotaro let himself get poisoned so that he could make use of his Biorider form to convert the poison in his body into an anti-toxin.


Lasers were nothing to Biorider. This was like taking direct hits without getting injured. The laser beams would just pass through his body as if Biorider was not even there.

Bio Kick

In the movie, Sekai ni Kakeru, Biorider executed and shouted out his own Rider/Bio Kick.

Using friends' energy to transform

The following were the only times when we got to see Kotaro transformed directly into Biorider. In episode 41, Kotaro, Joe, Reiko and Kyoko were all trapped inside the 100 Eyed Hag. Kotaro told his three friends to concentrate so that he could use their energy and powers to transform and escape from the monster.

Using running water to transform

In episode 45, monster Granzairus gave RX and even the ten senior Riders a hard time. Not even Roborider could handle the monster. Kotaro requested that Kyoko used her telekinetic powers to give him some water from underground. As soon as water gushed out from the crack on the ground, Kotaro stood near it, got some energy and directly transformed into Biorider.

Mach Jabba

Biorider rode Mach Jabba, a new version of Acrobatter.


Kamen Rider Black RX and his multiple forms had a communicator on the left wrist. Mostly, RX would speak to the communicator to call for his vehicles. Its also the source to change Acrobatter into Roboizer or Mach Jabba.

Black RX's Allies

Shukichi & Utako Sahara

The Sahara family took Kotaro in as one of their family members. They owned a helicopter business and Kotaro was given a job as a pilot. Shukichi and Utako were Papa and Mama in the family and they tend to quarrel over trivial matters. They had a couple of children.

Shigeru and Hitomi Sahara

Shigeru was the elder son in the family and had a younger sister named Hitomi.

Reiko Shiratori

Reiko was Kotaro's girlfriend. She was also a photojournalist.

Kasumi no Joe

Joe was a cyborg and originally worked for the Crisis Empire. He was first seen at the end of episode 15 (Roborider's Birth). He looked upon Kotaro as his brother as Kotaro had rescued him from Crisis. Also the first to know that Kotaro was RX. Joe carried a pair of sai around as a weapon.

Kyoko Matoba

Kyoko arrived in episode 29 (World Without Water). Her parents died tragically when Crisis Empire was attacking. Kyoko had telekinetic powers and could summon water from the ground. She also lend a helping hand to Kotaro/RX in his battles against Crisis.

Lieutenant Hayato Hayami

A goofy Police Officer whom Kotaro met in episode 2. Both him and Kotaro tend to have some misunderstandings and Kotaro ended up escaping easily from him.


A cook whom Kotaro met in episode 6. Appeared occasionally in the series. He didn't help much in physically fighting Crisis, since he was not a fighter. Since his specialty was in cooking, he helped to serve some delicacies for our heroes.

10 Senior Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Ichigou, Nigou, V3, Riderman and Kamen Rider X

Kamen Rider Amazon, Stronger, Skyrider, Super-1 and ZX

Towards the end of the series, RX was assisted by the previous ten Kamen Riders. Kamen Rider Ichigou to ZX were first seen in episode 41, planning to give a helping hand to RX in defeating Crisis Empire once and for all. They were still discussing at the Kamen Rider HQ, located in Arizona and also undergoing some trainings before they finally met RX in episode 44....

....Tatakae! Kamen Raidaa!

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