The following are screencaps of commercials featuring Kamen Rider Black and RX.

DX Henshin Belt

A commercial for Kamen Rider Black's Henshin Belt.
Also features a Kamen Rider Black figure and a DX Road Sector.

DX Henshin Belt

Another version of the "DX Henshin Belt" commercial.
A group of adults were gathering at a store, paying attention to a man with a Henshin Belt on.

A MEIJI Commercial

A commercial brought to you by MEIJI.
Selling Kamen Rider Black's Micro Film Cards and snacks.
The commercial also features Kurata Tetsuo as Minami Kotaro.

"Kamen Rider BLACK" Noodle

An advertisement for cup noodles, bearing Kamen Rider Black's name.
The cup noodles come along with a little gift/card.

Battle Hopper Commercial

A kid-size Battle Hopper for children to ride on.
The Battle Hopper could be the one as seen in episode 17.

DX Rider Henshin Belt

An RX-related commercial for his communicator/bracelet and Sunriser Belt.
Also features a Revolcane toy at the end of the commerical.

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