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Kurata Tetsuo returned in 2009 to reprise his role as Minami Kotaro.
Kadoya Tsukasa (Kamen Rider Decade) travelled to Kamen Rider BLACK RX's world in episode 26.

A Summary

Kamen Rider Decade episode 26: "RX! Great Shocker Invasion" (July 26, 2009).

In episode 26 of Kamen Rider Decade, Tsukasa, Natsumi and Yuusuke, travelled to another Kamen Rider's world.
Upon entering this new world, Tsukasa was holding a blank KAMENRIDE card. Not long after, the three of them were chased by a few familiar-looking footsoldiers and a robot, who claimed to be from Crisis. The Crisis warrior, known as Demon Robot Shubarian, thought that Tsukasa was Kasumi no Joe (RX's comrade in the original series). The chase was stopped by a man named Minami Kotaro, who transformed into Kamen Rider BLACK RX. RX also thought that Tsukasa was Kasumi no Joe and wanted to protect him.

RX battled Demon Robot Shubarian but was later outnumbered when an Imagin and Fangire entered the scene from another another world. Tsukasa then transformed into Kamen Rider Decade, much to the surprise of RX. After Decade destroyed the Fangire, the Imagin disappeared and Demon Robot Shubarian retreated from the scene. RX confronted Decade, and almost got into a fight, thinking that Decade is the Destroyer of Worlds, if not for Natsumi stopping them.

Moments later, Kotaro, Tsukasa and friends gathered, where Kotaro explained and told a story of his world. They later went on separate ways, due to a difference in mindset of why heroes should continue battling evil. Tsukasa and friends left Kotaro to continue exploring BLACK RX's world. While wandering around, they were greeted by Apollo Geist, an enemy of Kamen Rider X. He claimed to be working for an organization called Great Shocker. With his Perfecter in hand, Apollo Geist used it on Natsumi and left her injured and unconscious. Soon after, he disappeared from the scene and Natsumi was then brought to a hospital.

Towards the end of the episode, Tsukasa finally found Apollo Geist, who at that time was fighting Crisis' footsoldiers and Demon Robot Shubarian, for not wanting to join Great Shocker. Kotaro came moments later to assist Tsukasa, saying that he would continue to fight. Kotaro and Tsukasa transformed and charged forward. While battling, Apollo Geist escaped into another world and disappeared. RX encouraged Decade to chase Apollo Geist and leave the task of fighting the monsters and protecting his world to him. Decade jumped into a portal, and landed in another world, where he met another Minami Kotaro. However, this Kotaro transformed into Kamen Rider BLACK, instead of Kamen Rider BLACK RX. Kamen Rider Black sees Decade as the Destroyer of Worlds, and they battled.... be continued.

A Summary

Kamen Rider Decade episode 27: "BLACK x BLACK RX" (August 2, 2009).

The fight continued with Kamen Rider Decade having a little problem in convincing Kamen Rider Black that he is not an enemy. Kamen Rider Black attempted a Rider Kick onto Decade but it didn't worked, thanks to an interference by Diend. Diend summoned Kamen Rider Femme to fight Black, afterwhich both Decade and himself left the scene. Kaitou (Diend) later explained to Tsukasa that they are now in BLACK's world, and the person transforming into this world's Kamen Rider is also a Minami Kotaro.

Later on, Apollo Geist was shown wandering around the city. Kamen Rider Decade (in Ryuki's form) managed to track him down and they battled. It came to a standstill when Apollo Geist managed to grab hold of a little girl. Diend entered the scene and attempted to shoot towards Geist, but the shot was blocked by Decade, who tried to shield the girl from being shot as well. The whole scene was witnessed by Kotaro, who then transformed into Kamen Rider Black to rescue the girl from the clutches of Geist. Apollo Geist walked into a portal and disappeared, leaving both Decade and Black together.

Kotaro later discovered that Tsukasa needed to retrieve the Perfector from Apollo Geist to save Natsumi's life. He also revealed to Tsukasa that an individual from RX's world was actually trapped in his world, and the person was Kasumi no Joe (that explained his disappearance in RX's world). Moments later, Demon Robot Shubarian made an appearance and it was made known that Crisis had finally joined forces with Great Shocker. Tsukasa and Kotaro transformed into Decade and Black respectively and battled Demon Robot Shubarian, a couple of monsters and several footsoldiers. The usual portal which allowed people to cross to other worlds appeared again, and Decade saw that its currently connected to RX's world. Black encouraged Decade to cross to RX's world to help RX, since Apollo Geist happened to be in that world again to eliminate him. Decade ran through the portal and met RX's Kotaro again.

Once in RX's world, the portal that connected both worlds together disappeared. Moments later, the mystery KAMENRIDE card revealed itself to be a Kamen Rider Black's card. Diend appeared out of nowhere and snatched the card from Decade, and used it to summon his own Kamen Rider Black. All Riders started their fight and after an intense battle, every single monster was destroyed. Apollo Geist was the only villain left unharmed. Decade managed to retrieve the Perfector from Geist's possession, only to be snatched away by Diend.

Later, it was shown that Natsumi had died at the hospital. Yuusuke went out to find Decade to tell him the news, and he quickly rushed to the hospital, after RX and Black told him to leave the final battle against Apollo Geist to them. At the hospital, Kaitou made an appearance in front of a saddened Tsukasa, and handed over the Perfector which he had snatched away earlier, to save Natsumi's life. Miraculously, the Perfector was able to grant Natsumi a second life, after Tsukasa sacrificed a little bit of his own into the Perfector.

RX fought an intense battle against Apollo Geist, where it ended with both RX and Black executing a Double Kick onto Geist. However, Geist was not destroyed upon receiving the disastrous Kicks. Instead, he managed to escape through the usual portal and disappeared. Black began to disappear from existance moments later, since he was just Diend's summon to fight in the battle.

It all ended happily; Tsukasa explained to Kotaro that his comrade, Kasumi no Joe, was actually in Black's world, and was doing good fighting alongside the Kotaro in that world. After taking a photo of Kotaro, Tsukasa bid goodbye to him and rode off into another adventure/next Rider world.

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