Welcome to the garage. Here you will find the items and other stuffs which are rarely talked about.

The Intro

A big and spacious garage was first seen in episode 12. Kotaro was led to the place by a man named Daimon Akira, where he had hidden the Road Sector from being stolen by Gorgom. Before it was handed over to Kotaro, it was kept in an underground level, below the garage.

LEFT: Entrance to the underground level.
RIGHT: The secret underground space used to store the Road Sector.

From the items seen around it, the underground place looked like the same place where Akira's father, Gorgom scientist Daimon Yoichi, worked on completing the Road Sector. From this episode onwards, both Battle Hopper and Road Sector were seen parked in this garage. Before the introduction of Road Sector and the garage, Battle Hopper would just came speeding out of nowhere when it was called by Kamen Rider Black. With the presence of the garage, we have a clearer view on where Kotaro would be keeping both of his motorcycles from that point onwards.

Props and accessories

A Television

Kotaro had a little functional television in his garage.
Good to keep himself updated on the latest news, such as Gorgom creating havoc in the city.


Ever since Kotaro abandoned the Akizuki's house after Professor Akizuki's death, the garage became the place where spent his nights. Over at this garage, a small bed was set up for him to have a good night sleep. A small standing lamp was also available.

A VHS tape player

Kotaro kept his good 'ol VHS player. Can be seen in episode 39.
Used to connect to the Road Sector to help him play and analyse the Mogrog video.

A "research corner"

Kotaro also needed to do some research in order to defeat Gorgom's stronger and smarter monsters.
Luckily, he had some lab accessories such as his microscope and petri dish to conduct a more thorough and scientific investigation. Science books were also kept for him to have a little read up.

A mirror

"Maaan.... I look so cool!"

Parking positions of the motorcycles

LEFT: Inwards (facing the interior of the garage)
RIGHT: Outwards (towards the exit)

In most episodes, the motorcycles would be facing the exit, to make it easier for them to make their way out if they were called by Kamen Rider Black. Also in most episodes, Battle Hopper would be the one nearer to the camera, while Road Sector would be parked behind (body blocked by Battle Hopper). It also depends on which motorcycle Kotaro wanted to use in the scene. If he needed to use the Road Sector, then that motorcycle would be be parked nearer to the camera shot, while Battle Hopper stayed on the other side, like so:

And in episode 47 only, we got to see Battle Hopper and Road Sector parked together with Kotaro's regular/civilian motorcycle:

New garage in Kamen Rider BLACK RX

Once RX started, Kotaro got himself a new garage. It looked a little empty with not much props in the background as compared to the garage seen in Kamen Rider Black. But still, there were still some noticable and important equipment which was used in his battle against Crisis Empire.

Props and accessories [RX's garage]

A computer

Seen in episode 4, Kotaro was using a computer.
It was needed for him to load Ridron's blueprint and start making the car from scratch.

Another "research corner"

Just like in his previous garage, this one was also equipped with some lab accessories.
A brand new white microscope, some test-tubes, and other equipments were seen on his table.
All these could be seen in episode 18.

A radio and lamp

Seen in episode 11. A radio was available in his garage. Good to keep Kotaro updated on the latest news. A lamp was seen on the table, and it looked like a brand new one compared to the one seen in his previous garage.

Parking positions of RX's vehicles

LEFT: Ridron on the left, Acrobatter on the right.
MIDDLE: Acrobbater on the left, Ridron on the right.
RIGHT: Facing each other

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