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Gorgom was ruled by an unseen Creation King.
Their main aim was to destroy culture and civilization on earth and make a world of monsters.

Every 50,000 years, a new Creation King will take over the post as the leader of Gorgom.
Therefore, Gorgom had to find 2 suitable candidates to battle it out for the post as the next Creation King by making 2 Century Kings fight each other.

Above is the Gorgom trademark logo. Its somehow similar to the sign that was seen on the chest of Kamen Rider Black.
This was simply because Kamen Rider Black was a creation of Gorgom, known as Black Sun. Therefore, he had the enemy's logo on his body all the while.


Daishinkan (High Priests) appeared in episodes 1 to 36.

Gorgom consisted of 3 High Priests.
They were created by the Creation King and their source of life were stored inside the Stones located on their body.
All 3 of them had the ability to float in the air and fly around. They communicated with the Creation King by telepathy.

Daishinkan Darom (High Priest Darom)

The senior of the three Gorgom Priests. The most wise and knowledgeable. Responsible in the surgery which transformed Kotaro and Nobuhiko into Black Sun and Shadow Moon respectively. usually the one who tried to calm the other priests down whenever they had an argument with Birugenia.

Darom had the ability to mutate his hand into a more hideous form which has longer claws and is used to perform operations. This could be seen in episode 1 and in Kamen Rider Black's first movie.

He also had the power to manipulate people, tossing them around in midair by just pointing at them.

Daishinkan Baraom (High Priest Baraom)

A tall priest with a grumpy green mask.
Very hot-tempered and easily irritated by Birugenia's presence.

Baraom could fire electrical rays (coloured red, blue and green) from his fingers.
He could create a green barrier used to stop Kamen rider Black, as seen in episode 1.
High intense light could also come out from his eyes, also seen in episode 1.

Daishinkan Bishium (High Priestess Bishium)

The only female among the three priests.

Bishium could fire powerful beams from her eyes.
Her right eye had the ability to foresee the future, as seen in episode 11.


Daikaijin (Great Monsters) appeared in episodes 36 onwards.

Daikaijin were the Daishinkan's monster forms. They were so close in awakening Shadow Moon by capturing his sister, Kyoko, to transfer her energy into her brother. However, Birugenia was there to foil their plans. The High Priests had no choice but to surrender their life stones to transfer their own powers to Shadow Moon. When their powers were completely transfered to Shadow Moon, they regenerated and turned into their monster forms.

Dai Kaijin Darom (Great Monster Darom)

After losing the power of his Heaven Stone, High Priest Darom regenerated into Great Monster Darom. He turned into a big trilobite, a fossil-like creature with a couple of long feelers.

If their High Priest form could perform a certain ability, chances are they can also do it in their Great Monster form. Darom could still manipulate people's movements, tossing them around at will.

He gained a new ability which was using his feelers as a weapon by transforming them into a rope, used to tie Kamen Rider Black in episode 49.

Dai Kaijin Baraom (Great Monster Baraom)

After losing the power of his Ocean Stone, High Priest Baraom regenerated into Great Monster Baraom. He turned into a strong smilodon, a sabertoothed cat-creature with a couple of sharp tusks. His speed was enhanced, thus making him very fast in making an attack.

Just like in his High Priest form, Great Monster Baraom could still fire the three coloured electrical rays from his fingers.

He could create a couple of tusk-like weapons from his own tusks, as seen in episode 46, used to thrust into the Whale monster which decided to rebel from Gorgom.

Dai Kaijin Bishium (Great Monster Bishium)

After losing the power of her Earth Stone, High Priestess Bishium regenerated into Great Monster Bishium. She turned into a purple rhamphorhynchus, a pterodactyl-like creature with wings and a long tail. She also had a big hairdo in her Monster form.

Towards the end of the series, Bishium became overconfident of herself and even tried to convince Shadow Moon that her plans could finally defeat Kamen Rider Black, ignoring advices from her good allies, Darom and Baraom. In the end, her overconfidence in trying to take on Kamen Rider Black herself cost her own life.

Bishium could still fire powerful beams from her eyes, this time its purple coloured.
She could also create a strong force of wind by spinning her body continuously.

Ken Sei Birugenia (Sword Saint Birugenia)

Birugenia, Gorgom's warrior, made his first appearance in episode 18.
He was born 30,000 years ago on a day of a solar eclipse (just like Kotaro & Nobuhiko).

However, a Kingstone was never given to him & therefore he could not become the next Creation King. This made him angry and resulted with the Creation King imprisoning him inside a coffin.

The Creation King ordered the High Priests to release Birugenia after they kept failing to retrieve the Kingstone from Kotaro. Birugenia always wanted to be the one to kill Kamen Rider Black, thus kept interfering in the High Priests' plans.

In episode 22, Birugenia went back to his old looks of 30,000 years ago.
His face turned white with a couple of blue shades on his eyelids. He also started to become more arrogant.

Weapons & special abilities

The Birusaber

Birugenia was equipped with a sword called the Birusaber.
The sword had the power to possess people when they got hold of it.
In episode 18 (his first appearance), it managed to take control over a civilian and a policeman.

Birusaber! Dark Storm!

A frequently used ability was the "Dark Storm."
Birugenia would move his sword in an infinity motion which would summon a strong force of wind to blow Kamen Rider Black away.

Birusaber! Demon Trick!

The "Demon Trick" was only used in episode 18. Birugenia made duplicate images of himself to confuse Kamen Rider Black.
Kamen Rider Black's "Multi Eye" ability could not even help him distinguish which was the real Birugenia.

Pressure Wave

The "Pressure Wave" was used in episode 25.
Moving his sword in a circular motion, the energy created could push Kamen Rider Black down and into the ground.

Changing his appearance

In episode 19, it was shown how Birugenia copied the looks of other people.
He took the appearance of Gorgom member, Dr Kuromatsu, as part of his plan to kill Kamen Rider Black.


In episode 25, Birugenia forced Egami, Professor Daimon's student, to create a bike which was as great as the Road Sector.
Egami eventually created the Hellshooter, a black super machine to battle against Kamen Rider Black and his Road Sector.

Satan Saber

In episode 34, Birugenia managed to get hold of the Satan Saber, a sword that was meant to be used by the next Creation King.
Moments before he got the Satan Saber, it seemed like the Creation King had helped him to find his away into the room where the saber was kept.

With the Satan Saber in hand, he could combine its powers with his own Birusaber by shouting out "Satan Cross!"
Birugenia was then killed by Shadow Moon who retrieved the Satan Saber for his own use.

Gorgom's Human Members

The Gorgom organisation allowed humans to join them. They were lured into the syndicate as they found Gorgom's offers interesting. These humans were willing to become Gorgom's monsters which could live for up till 5,000 years.

[From Left To Right]

Professor Soichiro Akizuki
He was the father of Kotaro and Nobuhiko. Professor Akizuki was a specialist in ancient ruins. He joined Gorgom because the syndicate had offered to help him with his failing business. He eventually joined Gorgom and had to hand over Kotaro and Nobuhiko to the syndicate, where they would operate on them to become Century Kings. After realising his mistakes, he wanted out of Gorgom but it costed his own life. Professor Akizuki was killed by Gorgom in the very first episode.

Hideomi Kuromatsu
Dr. Kuromatsu was a scientist and an active Gorgom member.
He had interchangeable hands for him to experiment on humans and transforming them into monsters.

Ryuzaburo Sakata
A politician who led the political party - EP.

Yukari Tsuiikage
She was a beautiful actress who was part of Gorgom. She was killed by a Gorgom's monster in episode 2 as she unintentionally mentioned about Kotaro and Nobuhiko becoming Century Kings.

Unlike all of the evil organizations that appeared in the previous Kamen Rider series, Gorgom had no soldiers to battle against Kamen Rider Black.

However, there were a few sightings of some people working for Gorgom, kind of like Gorgom's henchmen.
They were also rarely seen. But whoever they were, Kamen Rider Black sure had an easy time taking them down.

Gorgom Kaijin

Gorgom's monsters were based on animals, plants & insects.

Koumori Kaijin

The Koumori Kaijin (Bat monster) was a regurlarly-used monster in the series. The High Priests/Great Monsters would send it out to spy on certain important stuffs or to lure out Kamen Rider Black, instead of engaging in any battle.

Its life lasted until episode 49, longer than any of the High Priest/Great Monsters. It was finally destroyed in Gorgom's shrine after it retreated from an attack by the Whale monster which had rebelled against Gorgom.

Other Gorgom Kaijin

1) Kumo Kaijin (5 Spider Mutants)
2) Hiyou Kaijin (Leopard Mutant)
3) Kuwago Kaijin (Silkworm Mutant)
4) Nomi Kaijin (Flea Mutant)
5) Yagi Kaijin (Goat Mutant)
6) Oowashi Kaijin (Sea Eagle Mutant)
7) Sai Kaijin (Rhinoceros Mutant)
8) Semi Kaijin (Cicada Mutant)
9) Hachi Kaijin (Bee Mutant)

10) Tokage Kaijin (Lizard Mutant)
11) Saboten Kaijin (Cactus Mutant)
12) Kamikiri Kaijin (Longhorn Beetle Mutant)
13) Kani Kaijin (Crab Mutant)
14) Manmosu Kaijin (Mammoth Mutant)
15) Iwagame Kaijin (Rock Turtle Mutant)
16) Hasamimushi Kaijin (Earwig Mutant)
17) Baku Kaijin (Tapir Mutant)
18) Kuroneko Kaijin (Black Cat Mutant)

19) Onizaru Kaijin (Monkey Mutant)
20) Anemone Kaijin (Windflower Mutant)
21) Tamamushi Kaijin (Jewel Beetle Mutant)
22) Tsurugibachi Kaijin (Wasp Mutant)
23) Anmonaito Kaijin (Ammonite Mutant)
24) Shiirakansu Kaijin (Coelacanth Mutant)
25) Kamakiri Kaijin (Praying Mantis Mutant)
26) Batsufuaroo Kaijin (Buffalo Mutant)
27) Iraga Kaijin (Slug Moth Mutant)

28) Koganemushi Kaijin (Rhinoceros Beetle Mutant)
29) Arumajiro Kaijin (Armadillo Mutant)
30) Ika Kaijin (Squid Mutant)
31) Yamaarashi Kaijin (Porcupine Mutant)
32) Kinoko Kaijin (Mushroom Mutant)
33) Benizake Kaijin (Red Salmon Mutant)
34) -- none --
35) -- none -
36) -- none --

37) Kera Kaijin (Mole Cricket Mutant)
38) Nezumi Kaijin (Rat Mutant)
39) Mukade Kaijin (Centipede Mutant)
40) Sanshiyouuo Kaijin (Salamander Mutant)
41) Kobura Kaijin (Cobra Mutant)
42) Hae Kaijin (Fly Mutant) & Hourei Kaijin (Phantom Mutants)
43) Kuwagata Kaijin (Stag Beetle Mutant)
44) -- none --
45) -- none -

46) Kujira Kaijin (Whale Mutant)
47) -- none --
48) Kujira Kaijin (Whale Mutant)
49) Kujira Kaijin (Whale Mutant)
50) Kujira Kaijin (Whale Mutant), Datsusou Kaijins (Gorgom Mutants on the run) & Togeuo Kaijin (Stickleback Mutant)
51) Togeuo Kaijin (Stickleback Mutant)

Movie Monsters

1st Movie) Kamereon Kaijin (Chameleon Mutant)
2nd Movie) Tsunozame Kaijin (Dogfish Mutant)

The Creation King

This is the ultimate leader of Gorgom. Its the most powerful being that had been living for the past 50,000 years.

The true face of the Creation King was a giant floating heart. It stayed hidden throughout the entire series and was first seen in episode 50.
It communicated with the Priests and the 2 Century Kings via telepathy. It also had monstrous strength that could destroy the entire universe.

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