Dedicated To Black -- Jiro Okamoto

Jiro Okamoto

Jiro Okamoto was the stuntman/in-suit actor in Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX.

The following are scenes in Kamen Rider Black and RX which has Jiro Okamoto acting out of suit.

Appearance: Kamen Rider BLACK episode 3.
Role: A motorcyclist who got entangled in Gorgom's Silkworm monster's web.
His character was rescued by Minami Kotaro.

Appearance: Kamen Rider BLACK episode 18.
Role: A civilian got possessed and turned evil after holding Birugenia's birusaber.
Under Birugenia's control, he threatened to kill another innocent civilian unless Kamen Rider Black showed up.

Appearance: Kamen Rider BLACK episode 24.
Role: One of Gorgom's robot scientists, who attacked Kotaro in an underground tunnel.
His robotic arm was ripped off by Kotaro during the short fight.

Appearance: Kamen Rider RX episode 23.
Role: One of the human forms of Crisis' chaps (the one on the left).

Appearance: Kamen Rider RX episode 29.
Role: One of the workers in a factory, whom Kyoko's family approached for help when a monster started chasing after them.

Appearance: Kamen Rider RX episode 33.
Role: A civilian in the hands of a Crisis monster but was rescued by Biorider.

The following Kamen Riders are also done by Jiro Okamoto:

The 90s Kamen Riders
• Shin Kamen Rider (1992)
• Kamen Rider ZO (1993)
• Kamen Rider J (1994)

Kamen Rider Agito: Project G4 (2001)
• Kamen Rider G4

Kamen Rider Ryuki (2002)
• Kamen Rider Ouja
• Kamen Rider Ryuuga
• Kamen Rider Odin

Kamen Rider Blade (2004)
• Kamen Rider Leangle

Kamen Rider Kabuto - GOD SPEED LOVE (2006)
• Kamen Rider Caucasus

Kamen Rider Den-O (2007)
• Kintaros
• Nega Den-O

Kamen Rider Kiva (2008)
• Kamen Rider IXA

Other Tokusatsu characters played by Jiro Okamoto:

Tokusou Robo Janperson (1993)
• Billgoldy

Juuko B-Fighter (1995)
• Black Beet

B-Fighter Kabuto (1996)
• Deathscorpion

Chokou Senshi Changerion (1996)
• Changerion

Denji Sentai Megaranger (1997)
• Mega Black

Seiju Sentai Gingaman (1998)
• Ginga Blue

Mahou Sentai Magiranger (2005)
• Branken
• Magishine

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (2009)
• Shinken Gold

One of Jiro's latest photo

Here we get to see Jiro Okamoto together with Tetsuo Kurata.
Screencapture is taken from the Kamen Rider Decade movie set.

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