Masked Rider (Saban)

Masked Rider was aired in 1995. Its an American adaptation of Kamen Rider Black RX.
Masked Rider was produced by Saban and was a spin-off of the show Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

The Story

Dex came from the planet Edenoi.
His grandfather was King Lexian who gave the power of the Masked Rider to Dex.

The power of Masked Rider had existed on planet Edenoi for a very long time.
When Count Dregon began attacking Edenoi, it was that time that this power was handed over to Dex.

The people of Edenoi had telepathic albilites. They had a gem in their foreheads which can be hidden telepathically.
The gem could be used to create mental imaginary objects. Its with this gem that Dex created vehicles as his assistance.

Dex created a motorcycle called Combat Chopper and a car called Magno.

Transformation Sequence

The transformation phrase used by Dex to transform into Masked Rider was "Ecto Phase Activate!"

Later on in the series, Masked Rider got some upgrades.
He could transform into two other seperate forms which were Masked Rider Super Gold and Masked Rider Super Blue.

Combat Techniques

A lightsaber called the Electro Saber was pulled out from his Ecto Accelerator belt.
Unlike Kamen Rider RX, Masked Rider used it by shooting energy beams from the saber.

Masked Rider had a Rider Kick capable of destroying monsters.

The Villains

The Count Dregon force. They were the group of villains who invaded the planet Edenoi.
The team consisted of Count Dregon, Nefaria, Double Face, Gork and Cyclopter. It also had a flying robot called Fact.

Count Dregon himself was actually Dex's uncle.

Masked Rider's Allies

When Dex arrived on earth, he was taken in by a multiracial family.
The family members were Hal (white father), Barbara (asian mother), Molly (daughter) and Albee (black son).

Dex had a furry companion named Ferbus.
Its a creature from Edenoi which followed Dex to earth.

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