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Shadow Moon

Shadow Moon first appeared in episode 35. He was the result of Gorgom's long wait in trying to revive Akizuki Nobuhiko, Kotaro's brother. From the start of the series, he was kept inside a transparent ball for him to rest and finally transform into Shadow Moon.

In episode 17, Gorgom realised that Shadow Moon's life force was weakening after being kept inside the transparent ball for a long time. Therefore, the High Priests came up with the idea of capturing his sister, Kyoko, to transfer her life force into him to prolong his life. With the help of a Tapir monster, Gorgom managed to lure Kyoko out and inject some of her life force into the weakening Shadow Moon before Kamen Rider Black shattered their plans.

The High Priests tried the same plan again in episode 34 to awaken Shadow Moon. They captured Kyoko again but this time, Birugenia was there to foil their plans. He interrupted the process and took Kyoko away to lure out Kamen Rider Black.

Left with no other choice, the Creation King ordered the High Priests to use their life stones to awaken Shadow Moon. However, by doing this, it would mean that their lives would come to an end once all of their life force had been transfered to Shadow Moon. Nevertheless, they obeyed the Creation King.

Despite so many battles, Kamen Rider Black did not even come close to rescuing Nobuhiko. This gave ample time for him to fully transform into Shadow Moon. Once awakened from his long rest and fully transformed, the first thing that Shadow Moon did was taking back the Satan Saber which was in the hands of Birugenia. With the Satan Saber in hand, he killed Birugenia.

Maara & Kaara

In Episode 38, Shadow Moon introduced a couple of his creations to the Gorgom organization.
He created two feminine masked creatures known as Maara and Kaara.

Nothing useful done by them as they just stood at the side of Shadow Moon's throne. The purpose of their existence was to serve Shadow Moon if he were to succeed the Creation King. They were seen dancing when Gorgom wanted to give the title of King to Shadow Moon after Kamen Rider Black's death.

By the end of Kamen Rider Black's series, Minami Kotaro had failed to rescue his brother, Nobuhiko, from Gorgom.
When Kamen Rider Black successfully destroyed the Creation King, Shadow Moon was seen lying on the ground as the entire Gorgom cave fell in on him.

So, we thought that that would be the last of the great Shadow Moon....

..... not really, Shadow Moon returned!

Shadow Moon in Kamen Rider Black RX

In Kamen Rider Black RX, he returned in a couple of episodes to seek revenge on Kotaro. Shadow Moon made a special appearance in episodes 22 and 27 to kill Kamen Rider Black RX. He was still alive as he arise from the rubbles to look for Kotaro.

The Crisis Empire tried to join forces with him when they found out that he was still alive. After Shadow Moon awakened, he seemed to be stronger than ever before. He managed to overpower RX and his couple of multiple forms. When he tried to give the final blow to Biorider, Crisis interfered and attacked both Biorider and Shadow Moon, hoping to destroy both of them. Unfortunately for Crisis, Biorider had called for Ridron. Shadow Moon escaped at the end of episode 22.

Episode 27 would be the final time we saw Shadow Moon in RX's series. He was finally defeated by RX when the Revolcane was thrusted into his body. Unlike Crisis Kaiman Senshi, Shadow Moon did not blew up after getting thrusted by the lightsaber. Shadow Moon died a hero after he finally did a good act by rescueing a couple of kids captured by Crisis while RX turned his attention to a Kaiman Senshi.

Rest In Peace, Akizuki Nobuhiko.

But what's this? Shadow Moon returned (yet again)! And this time, he was in giant form!

Shadow Moon in Kamen Rider World

No more mentioning of Minami Kotaro, this Shadow Moon made an appearance in a short movie featuring Kamen Rider ZO and J.
He brought several dead monsters back to life. Later, this Shadow Moon fought with Kamen Rider J, both in giant forms.

After getting a Rider Punch and Rider Kick, Shadow Moon was destroyed.

Shadow Moon returned.

Shadow Moon in...
Kamen Rider Decade The Movie: All Riders vs Great Shocker

In Kamen Rider Decade's movie, an alternate version of Shadow Moon made an appearance as one of Dai Shocker's leaders. This Shadow Moon was Nobuhiko Tsukikage, and it was shown that he had been the caretaker of Sayo Kadoya, Tsukasa's (Decade) younger sister. Due to his influence, Tsukikage managed to transform Sayo into Daishinkan Bishium with the help of the Priestess' stone. Sayo then used her new powers to create the evil, black-eyed Rising Ultimate Kuuga in Yuusuke, to defeat Decade. Shadow Moon was eventually beat down in his fight against Kamen Rider W and was ultimately defeated after all 26 Kamen Riders attempted Rider Kicks onto him and the Great Shocker castle.

Abilities & Weapons

The following are Century King Shadow Moon's awesome and evil powers. Take note that some of the names given are just simple descriptions of what the abilities do instead of official names since there aren't any for them. However, some are their official names, such as "Shadow Punch/Kick," "Satan Saber" etc and are in CAPS.


Shadow Punch, similar to the Rider Punch.
Executed in episode 47, without any lights or special effects.
The Shadow Punch clashed with Kamen Rider Black's Rider Punch.


Shadow Kick was executed in episodes 47 and 51.
It produced flickering green light and also clashed with the Rider Kick.

Reviving dead monsters

Using the powers from his Kingstone, Shadow Moon could bring several monsters back from the dead. Seen in the second movie. The rays from the Kingstone could also teleport Kamen Rider Black to another dimension.

SHADOW BEAM (Red variation)

A strong red light emitted from his fingers. Seen in episode 35.
It was used to snatch the Satan Saber away from Birugenia.

SHADOW BEAM (Another Red variation)

Another version of the red laser. Seen in episode 45. It was supposed to kill Kamen Rider Black but due to his quick moves, it accidentally killed Great Monster Bishium.

Communicating through mind

While staying at Gorgom's shrine, Shadow Moon could communicate with Kotaro wherever he was. Seen in episode 36. Kotaro lost control of his motorcycle for a while when Shadow Moon got into his mind to remind him to start their battle.


Shadow Moon knew when Great Monster Baraom had been destroyed. Seen in episode 46. The lights on his head flickered once Baraom was killed by Kamen Rider Black.

Kingstone reaction

Shadow Moon's kingstone sounded off at will. Seen in episode 49.
This happened when Kamen Rider Black was about to be brought back to life with the help of the Whale monster.


With a quick flash of his Kingstone, Shadow Moon could take control of Battle Hopper. Used in episode 50. Since Battle Hopper was created for the next Creation King, its only natural that Shadow Moon could ride it as well.

SHADOW BEAM (Fist shot variation)

Shadow Moon fired a simple yellow beam from his fist onto Kamen Rider Black. Seen in episode 50.

Blasts from his Kingstone

Before the Century Kings' final battle, Shadow Moon showcased his powers to Kamen Rider Black. Seen in episode 50. After getting some of the Creation King's powers, Shadow Moon fired several shots from his Kingstone.


A typical disappearing from a scene.


The Satan Saber, a special weapon created for the next Creation King. With the weapon in hand, Shadow Moon could shoot several beams from the saber or control his opponent's movements.


This, and subsequent weapons and abilities, were seen in Kamen Rider Black RX. In episode 27 of RX, Shadow Moon created a couple of his own weapons called the Shadow Sabers.

Mind & body control

In episode 22 of RX, Shadow Moon took control of Kasumi no Joe's mind and body. Joe started to attack Kotaro before Shadow Moon revealed himself.

SHADOW BEAM (Green variation)

A commonly-used ability when he appeared in RX's series. Shadow Moon fired several green lasers from his fingertips, strong enough to create a big explosion.

SHADOW BEAM (Yellow variation)

Seen in Kamen Rider World, featuring Kamen Rider ZO and J.
Shadow Moon, in giant form, fired several yellow lasers from his fingertips.


Another version of the beam from Shadow Moon's hand. Seen in Kamen Rider Decade' movie, All Rider vs Great Shocker, it was used to toss Rising Ultimate Kuuga out of his way.

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