Kamen Rider Black's Movies

Kamen Rider Black had a total of two movies.
His two big screen adventures were as follows.

Hurry to Demonís Island

"Hurry to Demonís Island" was shown on March 12, 1988.
It was between episodes 22 and 23 of his TV series.

Children had been disappearing from Tokyo and Kotaro suspected that Gorgom was behind it.
While investigating, he spotted a bus packed with children and decided to follow it but lost its trail along the way.

With the help of a fisherman, Kotaro travelled by sea to an island where Gorgom had already planned to operate on them for their evil plans.
Kamen Rider Black arrived in the nick of time to rescue the children, killed a Chameleon monster and foiled Gorgom's plans once and for all.

Fear! The Monster Mansion of Devilís Pass

"Fear! The Monster Mansion of Devilís Pass" was shown on July 9, 1988.
It was between episodes 38 and 39 of his TV series.

Shadow Moon appeared in Youbari and decided to build the Gorgom empire on the peaceful city, which became hardly inhabited after his presence.
Shadow Moon had Dr Makino to work on a robot experiment which would be used to destroy Kamen Rider Black.
Dr Makino, however, realised his mistake in working for Gorgom and managed to escape from their evil clutches for a while.

Dr Makino escaped from the city of Youbari to Tokyo where he met Kotaro who saved his life from Gorgom's Dogfish monster.
Kotaro soon learnt about Gorgom's invasion of Youbari and travelled to that deserted city to further investigate.

Later, Dr Makino was captured by Gorgom and was forced to complete the robot experiment or his wife and daughter will pay with their lives.
Kamen Rider Black arrived to rescue Dr Makino and his family, destroyed Gorgom's robot experiment and ultimately chased them out of Youbari.

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