Kamen Rider SD

Kamen Rider SD was shown on January 25, 1993.
Kamen Rider SD was an animated version of the Kamen Riders. Its a comical and goofy cartoon featuring RX and the previous Kamen Riders.

A Summary

Although it featured the other Riders as well, Kamen Rider SD focused mainly on Kamen Rider Ichigou, ZX and RX.
Kamen Rider Black RX was in love with a girl but was too shy to express his feelings. Some of the other Riders tried to help him out.

Kamen Rider SD also featured some well known villains such as Shocker, Jak Shougun and Shadow Moon.
The villains had captured the girl whom RX loved and its up to the Kamen Riders to rescue her.

When the Kamen Riders had successfully defeated the bad guys, RX tried to express his feelings to the girl.
However, the girl didn't pay much attention to RX as she had actually fell for Kamen Rider V3!
That's just too bad, RX.

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