Sekai ni Kakeru

On April 29, 1989, a Black RX Movie was created and it was attempted with a 3-D feature.
Kamen Rider Black RX: Sekai ni Kakeru, was shown at an amusement park in Japan and it lasted for about 17 minutes.
The movie, Sekai ni Kakeru, featured Kamen Rider Black, RX, Roborider and Biorider teaming up to fight the Crisis Empire.

A Summary

It all started out with Kotaro riding his motorcycle to a remotely quiet place.
Kotaro was then attacked by Crisis' Skull Devils before he managed to transform into Kamen Rider Black RX.
RX had no idea that Crisis Empire had set a trap for him.

RX was thrown into a forest and was shocked to see the three Gorgom Priests right in front of him.
They engaged in a conversation and suprisingly, RX was reverted back to his previous form, Black!
Then, the three Gorgom Priests began attacking Kamen Rider Black and they summoned a huge crystal to kill him.

This made the Crisis Empire very happy as they thought they were going to see the last of Minami Kotaro right there.
Just as Kamen Rider Black was about to get thrusted by the huge crystal, Ridron was seen speeding towards him and managed to stop it in time.
The Gorgom Priests retreated and was never seen again. Coming out of Ridron, it was Kamen Rider Black RX!

The members of Crisis were shocked as to why RX existed because they thought that he had been reverted back to Black.
It turned out that during the short 'time travel' to turn RX back to Black, RX was separated from Kotaro, which was why he existed along with Black.
This made General Jak very angry and he sent out four Kaiman Senshi to kill both Black and RX.

When both of them were outnumbered, Roborider came to their rescue and told them to leave the job of fighting the four monsters to him.
Black and RX retreated while Roborider single-handedly fought the four Kaiman Senshi.

While running away, Black and RX were attacked by the four members of Crisis Empire: Maribaron, Gedorion, Gatenzone and Bosgan.
Just before Gatenzone pulled his gun trigger, Biorider popped out of nowhere and attacked the four members of Crisis.

Then, the Kaiman Senshi arrived to assist the Crisis members.
Kamen Rider Black, RX, Roborider and Biorider also gathered as they executed their intro poses.

When the four Riders were together, they charged out to defeat Crisis.
It ended with RX thrusting his Revolcane into one of the monsters before all the Kaiman Senshi blew up in the background while the four Riders posed.

When its all over, Black, Roborider and Biorider merged into RX as RX got onto his Acrobatter and rode into the sunset.

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