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Random stuffs seen in Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX.

Evil Organization's Ideal Worlds

GORGOM's Ideal World

One of Gorgom's missions, apart from getting the Kingstone back from Kotaro, was to eliminate humans so as to create their own ideal world, which will be inhabited by their monsters and other creations. In several random episodes (such as episode 3; screencaps above), we got to see how Gorgom had planned and visioned to totally destroy mankind. At the end of the destruction, Gorgom will build a place like so:

The above photo is how the finalised Gorgom world will look like. We got to see this image a couple of times in the later half of the series, once Shadow Moon had been introduced into the series.

CRISIS' Ideal World

Before the Demon World was taken over by Crisis Empire, it was a peaceful place with lots of healty vegetation. Once Crisis invaded the place, it was turned into a very polluted area with factories and other facilities under the order of Grand Lord Crisis. Due to the heavy pollution, Crisis decided to take over the Earth as its next target so as to move some of the people from the Demon World over. This plan of Crisis, of course, had been foiled many times by Kamen Rider RX. Crisis had envisioned their ideal world to look like so:

The finalised Crisis World would be equiped with lots of high technologies and facilities.

"KAMEN RIDER BLACK" references in RX's series

"Kamen Rider Black?"

Before he became RX, Kotaro was still being called "Kamen Rider Black" (as seen in the first two episodes). When he was first captured, Crisis' members, Maribaron and Gatenzone, refered to Kotaro as "Kamen Rider Black" in a few of their conversations.

In episode 1, when he first became RX, Kotaro realised and mentioned that it was not Black's body. At the start of episode 2, Crisis' Skull Devils refered to RX as "Kamen Rider Black?!" but our hero replied that he had been reborn as the child of the sun, "Kamen Rider Black RX".

Kamen Rider Black's Henshin

In episode 1, Kotaro was attacked by three of Crisis' Skull Devils.

In this scene, we got to see Kotaro trying to henshin into Kamen Rider Black.
However, the Skull Devils used some kind of lasers to trap and restrict Kotaro's movements and therefore he could not complete his Black's henshin sequence. As soon as they got Kotaro tied up, the Crisis Spaceship teleported him in.

Battle Hopper

Again in episode 1, an item that was used in Kamen Rider Black.

When Kotaro was evolving into RX as he was falling down from space, a strong force of light shot out from his belly/split Kingstone and it hit a broken Battle Hopper. As many would have known, Battle Hopper was utterly destroyed by Shadow Moon in the finale of Kamen Rider Black.

The Underwater Cave

As seen in episode 4 only.

In episode 4, after Kotaro had built the Car of Light, Ridron, the vehicle would not start.
To make matters worst, Crisis found the location of the car and wanted it destroyed. With that, Kotaro transfered the car to a cave underwater. The special thing about the cave was that, its exactly the same location where Kamen Rider Black was brought back to life, with assistance from Gorgom's Whale monster. By temporarily keeping Ridron in that cave, Kotaro hoped that it could give the car a life.

Shadow Moon

Seen in episodes 21, 22 and 27.

In episode 21, footages of Kamen Rider Black fighting Shadow Moon was used as Kotaro was having some flashbacks of his brother. In episode 22, Shadow Moon came back to life and once again, flashbacks of Shadow Moon was seen when the two step-brothers confronted each other. In episode 27 (the final episode featuring Shadow Moon), we got to see an image of Nobuhiko when Shadow Moon had a slight change of heart and decided to rescue a couple of children being held hostage.

Road Sector's "Attack Shield" moments

Left: Seen in episode 12 only (Road Sector's debut), Kotaro rode the Road Sector and raised its Attack Shield.
Right: The usual shot when Kamen Rider Black used the Attack Shield, preparing for the Sparkling Attack.

The Gorgom/BLACK logo

When Kotaro first saw a picture of Birugenia's shield which had a picture of a snake and a red crystal ball, he was reminded of the logo that was on his chest after he transformed into Kamen Rider Black. The logo is somehow a simplified version of the snake and the ball. Having the logo on BLACK's body was also probably to remind people that he was a creation of Gorgom. Here are some other places or objects which has the above logo printed on them (from left to right):

Episode 18 - the logo was seen on a piece of paper which was chained together onto Birugenia's coffin.
Episode 25 - the logo was on Birugenia's motorcycle, the Hellshooter.
2nd movie - the logo fixed onto Gorgom's jeeps (they can also be seen when these jeeps appeared in the series).
2nd movie - the logo was seen on the walls of the mansion where Gorgom held Dr Makino's family hostage.
2nd movie - the logo was on a piece of card which was used to activate Gorgom's giant robot.
Kamen Rider Decade episode 27 - the logo was used on BLACK's KAMENRIDE card.
Kamen Rider Decade episode 27 - the logo appeared just as DiEnd used BLACK's KAMENRIDE card.

The RX/Roborider/Biorider logo

When RX was created, the logo was changed into the one seen in the above picture. It resembled the letters "R" and "X", which stands for his new name, Kamen Rider BLACK RX. When Roborider was introduced, the logo changed again; this time resembling the letters "R" and "r" (rider-robo). When Biorider was introduced, it became the letters "R" and "b" (rider-bio).

With that, it somehow gave the insignia a totally new and different meaning (no longer the snake and the red ball). The first part of the logo simply stands for the letter "R". So when RX was created, the logo on BLACK's body could also be read as the letters "R" and "i", which could simply stands for "Rider." This could probably be used as one of the reasons why Shadow Moon didn't have the logo on his chest, despite both him and BLACK being Gorgom's creations. (And of course, this whole "R-i" stands for "Rider" can only be used on BLACK, and not on those goons driving Gorgom's jeeps!)

Roborider's logo could also be read as an "R" and the number "2" (the second rider in RX).
Biorider's logo could be read as an "R" and the number "3" (the third rider in RX).

So which do you prefer? Letters or numbers?....

The Jackets

Jackets that were constantly worn by Kotaro in Kamen Rider Black (1987~1988):

Left (episodes 1 to 15), middle (episodes 16 to 25) and right (episodes 26 to the finale).

The following outfits/jackets were only worn once by Kotaro in Kamen Rider Black:

Left to right:

A suit worn in the first episode when Kotaro was trying to run away from the three Priests.
A white suit worn during the 19th birthday party. Seen in episodes 2, 41 and any other time when there are flashbacks.
A white jacket used in episode 2 and could be seen in other episodes which has flashbacks of Kotaro on the speeding yacht.
Kotaro in army uniform, seen in episode 10.
An orange-coloured top worn in episode 15 when Kotaro was coaching a group of children in a football field.
A sports outfit seen in episode 1 and several random episodes where there are flashbacks of Kotaro training with Nobuhiko.
A yellow jacket, used when there are flashbacks of Kotaro's happy times with Kyoko, Katsumi and Nobuhiko.

Jackets that were constantly worn by Kotaro in Kamen Rider Black RX (1988~1989):

Left (episodes 1 to 34) and right (episodes 35 to the finale).

The following outfits/jackets were only worn once by Kotaro in Kamen Rider Black RX:

Left to right:

A green jacket (episode 2).
A black jacket (episode 6).
A blue jacket (episode 11).
Another black jacket (episode 20).
A long-sleeved top (episode 36).

The following jackets were worn by Kotaro in Kamen Rider Decade's TV series (2009):

Left: Kamen Rider BLACK RX's Minami Kotaro.
Right: Kamen Rider BLACK's Minami Kotaro.

Crashing through signboards

In episode 36 of Kamen Rider Black, Great Monster Baraom tossed Kotaro through a "Dry Beer Crush!" signboard.

In episode 1 of RX, Crisis' Skull Devils threw Kotaro through an "Even & Fair" signboard.

Kotaro's Civilian Motorcycles

The following are Kotaro's normal motorcycles used in Kamen Rider Black and RX.

In Kamen Rider Black, Kotaro rode a SUZUKI motorcyle coloured red and black.
He put on a black SHOEI helmet with red stripes.

In episode 37 only of Kamen Rider Black, Kotaro rode a SUZUKI motorcycle coloured blue and white.
He put on a white SHOEI helmet with red and black stripes.

In Kamen Rider Black RX, Kotaro rode a SUZUKI motorcycle coloured blue and white.
Unlike in Kamen Rider Black where he put on a SHOEI helmet, Kotaro used a white KOMINE helmet in RX.

Vehicles' Blueprint

Here are several blueprints of Kamen Rider Black and RX's vehicles seen in their respective shows.

In Kamen Rider Black's first movie, a Battle Hopper blueprint was seen when the motorcycle was repairing itself.
In Kamen Rider Black episode 25, Road Sector's blueprint was shown when Gorgom wanted to make another super machine.
In Kamen Rider Black RX episode 4, the above Ridron blueprint was shown on a mini-television set when Kotaro was creating the car.

Other characters riding Kamen Rider Black's motorcycles

Here are some other character whom we get to see riding either Battle Hopper or Road Sector.

In episode 20, Battle Hopper got a girl named Yukari out of danger while Kotaro tend to Gorgom's Windflower monster.
In episode 21, after being sabotaged by Gorgom, Battle Hopper was taken by Birugenia for a little while.
In episode 31, Kamen Rider Black, together with a group of four children rode Battle Hopper to escape from being trapped in a video game.

Seen in episode 32, Battle Hopper was taken over by a young girl named Yuki, Bishium and finally Birugenia.
It turned out to be Kotaro's dream (or nightmare!)

Seen in episode 50, Shadow Moon got control of Battle Hopper and used it against Kamen Rider Black.
In episode 33, the Road Sector got a boy named Toru out of danger while Kamen Rider Black was fighting Gorgom's Red Salmon monster.


Kotaro using microscopes in Kamen Rider Black (left) and RX (right).

In episode 13 of Black, Kotaro spotted a sticky substance on his Road Sector, gotten after it rammed Gorgom's Crab monster.
Kotaro placed it under his black microscope and did some research. He found out that it contained amoeba and was quite flammable.

In episode 18 of RX, after letting himself got poisoned by Crisis' Masara Bisara, Kotaro took some of his blood for investigation.
Using the above white microscope, he studied the poison and later used his Biorider form to produce an antitoxin.

Kotaro on Battle Hopper and Road Sector

The following were the times when we got to see Kotaro (not as Kamen Rider Black) riding Battle Hopper or Road Sector.

In episode 2, Kotaro recalled how he escaped from Gorgom.
After High Priest Baraom accidentally released Battle Hopper, Kotaro took the motorcycle and fled from Gorgom.

Kotaro rode on Road Sector more than once.
In episode 12, Kotaro tested the Road Sector before he transformed into Kamen Rider Black while still riding the motorcycle.
The second time was in episode 21. In order to chase after a deranged Battle Hopper, Kotaro used Road Sector to follow closely from behind.
The last was in Kamen Rider Black's second movie where Kotaro used Road Sector to travel around the city of Youbari.

Birthday Cakes

The cake on the left was seen in episode 2 when Kotaro recalled what happened on his 19th birthday party.
The one on the right was in episode 46, given to Kotaro by both Kyoko and Katsumi while they were at the Capitola shop.

Kotaro with Henshin Belt

In Kamen Rider Black, Kotaro was shown transforming with his Henshin belt.
Unfortunately, these footages were only used for about one to two seconds before they showed the usual transformation sequence.
Kotaro was not shown with his Sunriser henshin belt in RX.

Unable to transform

Moments when Kotaro was unable to transform into Kamen Rider Black or RX.

In episode 27 of Kamen Rider Black, Gorgom sent out the Slug Moth monster to kill our hero.
The monster had the ability to produce mass amount of larvae which would explode when placed near moving energy (henshin energy included).
Not knowing the first time, Kotaro just transformed near them and they exploded, interrupting his transformation into Kamen Rider Black.

In the first episode of RX, Kotaro was attacked by the three Skull Devils.
Just when he was about to transform into Kamen Rider Black (he was not RX yet), they trapped his movements using some energy rings.

In episode 42 of RX, monster Gedoll Ridoll had absorbed all of RX's Kingstone energy.
When the two met again, Kotaro tried to transform into RX but nothing happened because of the depleted Kingstone energy.

A Fake Roborider

Episode 26 of RX featured a fake Roborider. It looked exactly the same and had the same armour strength as the real Roborider.
It was used to test Bosgan's new lightning sword and it was shown that this sword could destroy the fake Roborider.

That handy device

In episode 43 of RX, Kotaro had a hand-held device which was used to check for damages on Acrobatter.
Before this scene, Acrobatter was badly damaged after the battle against Gatenzone and his robot, Hell Gademu.

Akizuki Nobuhiko in Kamen Rider Black RX

At the end of episode 27, Kotaro was seen carrying the dead body of Shadow Moon.
Just before the episode ended, it was shown that Shadow Moon had reverted back to his human form, Nobuhiko.
Here, you could tell that he was not played by the original actor in Kamen Rider Black. Furthermore, this guy was only used for like 3 seconds.

Split-second transformation

The moments which happened too fast for Crisis (and the viewers) to catch up.
RX successfully made Crisis thought that they had actually killed him by pretending to be dead not once but twice.

In episode 20, monster Byakki thought that it had actually killed Kotaro after it threw its lethal banana weapon at him.
Unfortunately for Byakki, Kotaro woke up moments later and explained that he had transformed into Roborider without it realizing.
Since Roborider had the toughest armour among all the forms, the lethal banana had no effect on him and he continued to play dead.

The second time was in episode 35 where monster Whiru Ki thought that it had killed RX after attacking his heart (the creature was inside RX).
Unknown to the monster, RX had transformed into Biorider during that crucial moment and therefore any attacks on his internal organs had no effects.

Fly Revolcane, fly!

On two different occasions, RX used his Revolcane differently than usual.
Instead of thrusting the lightsaber using his hands, he threw it from a distance, got stuck at the monster before he got hold of it again.

As seen in episode 31, RX threw his Revolcane towards Erigitron and it hit the monster's weak spot.

In episode 41, after the 100 Eyed Hag turned into a huge eyeball form, RX threw his Revolcane at the flying monster.
It was still flying in midair after RX got hold of his Revolcane, thus the two struggled for a while before they both landed.

Drawings of Kamen Rider Black

Both of these drawings were seen in Kamen Rider Black.
The one on the left was seen in episode 25 while the one on the right was in episode 27.


Long Long Ago, 20th Century

Long Long Ago 20th Century is the song used for Kamen Rider Black's ending credits.

In episode 14 of Kamen Rider Black, Kyoko, Katsumi and a little boy were having fun at the beach.
Later, when both Kyoko and Katsumi were reminded of Nobuhiko, they sang the song Long Long Ago 20th Century.

In the Kamen Rider Black RX movie special, Sekai ni Kakeru, there was one scene where RX was thrown into a forest.
Not long after, the song Long Long Ago 20th Century was heard. The bizarre thing was that RX knew that it was Kamen Rider Black's song! (Huh?!)

In Kamen Rider Black's first movie, Hurry To Onigashima, Kotaro sang the song "Ore no Seishun".
In episode 39 of Kamen Rider Black, Gorgom released a special song! A monster disguised as a girl named Yuko sang the song entitled "Mogrog".
Read it backwards and its actually Gorgom.

Merchandises in both shows

In episode 17 of Kamen Rider Black, a child was seen playing with his own Battle Hopper while a couple of adults were talking to Kyoko.
In Kamen Rider Black's first movie special, Hurry To Onigashima, a group of kids were seen eating some tidbits with the familiar "BLACK" logo on the packets.

In episode 1 of Kamen Rider Black RX, Shigeru went to a shop and grabbed hold of a Kamen Rider "BLACK" comic.
A miniature Ridron toy was used to enter a toy car race in episode 39 of Kamen Rider Black RX.


A blooper in the RX movie, Sekai ni Kakeru.
When Roborider arrived to fight the four Kaiman Senshi, one of his antennas got pushed downwards.

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